I. If pageants change children so much in bad ways why do their parents continuously put them in pageants?
A. Parents continuously put their children in pageants because they think they can handle the bad attitudes. (Most of them can't!) Some parents also don't care what their children act like they just want the money and fame.
II. Why do pageant directors invent a variety of categories and, what are the affects of the scores towards the girls?
A.Pageant directors invent a variety of categories so girls have a chance to raise their scores. For example if you did really badly in beauty then you could raise your score a lot in the talent portion. Most of the contestants in pageants are very upset when they lose though. Some girls will even fight in pageants. Literally!
III. Why do judges love what they do when what they do can cause a good or bad reaction?
A. Pageant judges love what they do because when a girl wins they can say, "I did that!" Judges during crowning just pay attention to the winners. I don't think they notice the girls who are on stage crying inside and, so they only see the good side of their job.
IV. How do the pageant judges evaluate or judge the pageant contestants at pageants?
A. It's hard to say how some of these judges judge the contestants. Judges should judge the contestants on personality but some sadly will judge them on their outfits and beauty.
V. What are all the possible awards given at a pageant, and what do they mean?
A. I can't name all the possible awards given at pageants cause there's a lot of different awards at lots of different pageants. So I'll name five awards given at a pageant. The highest one which everyone wants is Grand Supreme. There is also princess and king (for boys). Those are all overall titles but there are age group winners to. For example most beautiful eyes, most beautiful smile and tons more.
VI. If the judges say they score the contestants on personality and it’s so important, why is there not a personality category?
A. Judges and pageant directors decide not to do a personality category because; they believe that throughout the pageant the contestants should be able to show their personalities. Both judges and directors also believe that personality is really important in a girl and pageants.
VII. What are the materials contestants use to be bigger and better in pageants and how do they affect the scores?
A. Some materials contestants use in pageants are butt glue, cupcake dress, curling iron, extra jewelry, fake eyelashes, fall, flipper, foam head, hot glue gun, hair straightener, hot rollers, tons of hairspray, makeup sewing kit, shoe covers, skin shimmer, straws, wiglet, and fake nails and nail glue.